Hello, I'm Livinda

Crafter of user interface design who creates delightful user experiences.

I am passionate about creating impactful design that does not only meet users’ needs, but also delivers a delightful experience through creativity, problem solving, and good ideas.

Product Designer Illustration by Livinda Christy Monica


Indonesia Green by Livinda Christy

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Metaco by Livinda Christy Monica

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I believe that with your vision and my design experiences, we can create digital experience more valuable to users. 


User Interface Design (UID)

User Interface Design

Do you need someone to help you in redesigning your apps? Or, do you already have wireframes and need someone to polish it? If so, let me help you to do the stuff. I ensure that your apps will easy to use, access, and understand. The key is consistency. It is aimed to enhance task completionefficiency, and satisfaction.


Wireframe (UXD)

User Experience Design

I can help you to improve your product by analysing users' needs and their pain-points. Then, I turn the findings into user flows and wireframes. The aim is the more positive the user experience, the greater user engagement with your product.



Prototyping and Animation

Prototype brings ideas to life more interactive. It's important to see how your apps will function by simulating it. Therefore, I transform static screens into working prototypes.

Livinda Christy Monica

A little bit about myself.

Visual communication interests me greatly, but my main focus is the design of user interfaces that solve users’ problems. My past experience as a Frontend Developer has helped me better understand the constraints and limitations of the design. On top of that, the psychology of human behavior is another subject that interests me. I define myself as a continuous learner and am constantly looking for something new to learn every day.

In my spare time, I paint, write, read, sing and play guitar. I also enjoy playing chess with my colleagues.

Oh hey, I write and speak in French, too! ❤️

Let's work together

I’m passionate about creating positive impact and helping people to have a better user experience through design.

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Hola! Thank you so much for your interest in working together with me. I’d love to hear about your project and talk to you! Don’t worry, I usually respond to your email within 2 business days.

Reaching out with a general question or just want to say hi? Drop me a line at livinda.christy@gmail.com

It doesn’t matter whether the users are employees or customers, a good user experience can help companies not only increase revenue and save money, but also, a bad user experience can seriously impact satisfaction, costs, and sales. – Jim Ross, Senior User Experience Architect, on the study The Business Value of User Experience.

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